new year's eve 2010 menu

interesting photos of our meals and beverages on new years' eve.
tell me what you think ~:)

after this blurry shot of an intersting looking salad, laying on a base of smoked salmon...
that's what i think it was...
i gave up taking pictures of the food.
same as last year!

the beverage glass graveyard begins!
that's a tequila sunrise to the right, and champagne to the left.
i think i had 3 of each. or more.

pretty cleanse your palates icy menthe stuff. i like the blue one.

and one of the most interesting shots of the night.
in the background was the ice cream, white chocolate thing i could not indulge in
because i am lactose intolerant...

and my friend stuck this in my plate.
yes it's a banana.
yes, it's covered in chocolate.

but what were the chefs thinking, really? what IS that?

hope i made you smile,
globetrotting gamine

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  1. You made me smile and hungry!!
    Just hopping by from the monday blog hop!


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