my resolutions-2011

i wish i had the brain power (and not the cabin-fever-ridden brain i have now) to make a really awesome, noteworthy resolution list...

but i don't think i do :)

here are the resolutions i have been working on for quite some times, that haven't worked so well in the past...that's why i stopped making them in 2001.

10 years later, I'm back...so here we go :)

Globetrotting Gamine- The Resolutions

  • tighten abs
  • complete all stories/books/children's books and take it from there
  • travel more
  • take more pictures
  • start the crafts i wanted to do and sell them on etsy
  • go back to the places my besties and i discovered this past summer
  • catch up on movies i've missed in 2010
  • try to find an economical tennis lesson venue! yay!
  • continue my travel scrapbooks...
  • bake vegan*, cook and bake more!

ok, that's it for now. it's just the beginning.

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