enhance your life- laughter

laughter is the best medicine.

i believe it is.
whenever i am given an opportunity to laugh, i thank my lucky stars.

it is said that laughter is also a stress-reliever (by reducing the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol), benefits your immune system, gives you physical and emotional release, and it connects us with others.

did you ever play 'angry birds'? not that laugh- heh, heh, heh...but fun, Harty Har Har laughs are very healthy :)

it's good to be happy and find opportunities to laugh. so pop in a movie that you know will make you laugh, laugh with friends, find humor in your life...

it's worth it.

i've found there is a lot of humor in my life. watching my puppy/assistant is amusement in and of itself. my friends are wonderful and keep me smiling, and there's no telling what will happen when we are altogether. we're already planning this summer!

however, i think the funniest guy in the world is LML. i can't tell you how many times he can make me laugh effortlessly, without fail when i am not feeling well or am under the pressure of cabin fever.

so thanks, to you wonderful bloggers for reading <3, who keep me happy by reading your blogs, and to everything that makes me laugh.

what makes you laugh?

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