enhance your life: garden edition

have i told you about my best friend? she's got a complete green thumb and i love her.
that's not the only reason why, obviously. but i can stand and stare at her garden for hours.

if you look back to my 2009 blog posts, i used to garden.
that's before 2 cats moved into my backyard and had babies. now there's about 20 cats that live between my house and my neighbors' homes. so i can garden herbs or veggies, or any flowers that may be killed. but if i could garden, i would be in heaven.

and LML would have a serious issue when i'd get together with my bestie, sharing tips, flowers and plants!

here's to wishful thinking (hello, there's a blizzard out here) and some tips on maintaining your garden this year...

  • mulch! organic, please: finely shredded leaves, bark or cocoa hulls to stop weeds from growing!
  • perennial choices- make them. unless your gardening herbs or food, it's the best bet instead of re-buying the same things
  • buy low water plants- succulents like aloe are great and so useful.
  • if you want to plant more flowers, do it in containers. maybe this is what i should do to spite the cats.
  • 10 minute gardening- if you're pressed for time, just do a little every day!
allergy friendly flowers to plant in pretty pots include:
  1. dahlias
  2. hibiscus
  3. magnolia
  4. snapdragon
  5. iris
  6. geranium
i can't wait for spring!
what's in your yard?

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