enhance your life- bye, bye stress!

i have spoken a million times about getting rid of toxic influences in your life...the only thing you have to lose is misery.

here are more ways to outsmart your stress:
( i love saying good bye to stress!)

  • the color pink. even if you hate it, it gives a feeling of serenity. legally blonde, anyone? (PS- it's my favorite movie ever. Like, ever. more on that later)
  • vitamin c! a 3000 mcg dose helps you handle an upcoming stressful event better.
  • hum. sing! you're supposed to- it makes you happy :)
  • candy, candy, candy! my niece was on to something- it's effective enough to stave off tension headaches, and helps loosen stiff neck muscles.
  • earl grey tea. bergamot stimulates your brain area that promotes calm. that's what's in early grey. it's awesome.

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