at this present moment...

the heat is on non stop in my home...
keeping us warm and safe during the chilliest time of the year...
the coldest since 2009!

the cold water is not working in my pipes- eeps!
and i am to bake yummy things in the oven.
i may go out and brave the cold later for supplies
since we are getting snow again tuesday and wednesday-
and it's not a good idea for me to go outside
when i am already sick. eew.

in the meantime,
my assistant is sleeping...
i am treading through my 'january list' by throwing away papers i don't need...
and daydreaming about spring.

i find when it's cold outside, you always think about the warmer weather...
how lovely it feels when the sun beats against your skin...
right now, if you go outside it's frostbite city.


no worries- i have so much to do here
that it's ridiculous
and i find myself inexplicably happy
as usual...

and so does pup...

(where we'd like to be)

where would you like to be?


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