my january list update

so it's sunday, and i am home sick like no one's business.
it is supposed to be dropped to 7 degrees in New York tonight- egads- and i am worried i am going to get so much sicker.
i keep having to check the boiler to see if it's working and has enough water pumping through it, and i'm afraid if i nap it won't help me.
so pup and LML are taking a nap for me while watching the married with children marathon.

i figured that i'll be stuck at home at least for a couple of days this week, because it's going to snow- again!
so here's the perfect time to update my January List/Project...

so here's the list and my updates...

edit and complete all stories and novels- i have finished and published my big manuscript (send me a private message about it here if you'd like), my first children's book, and as of right now I am illustrating my second children's book. i worked on my writing portfolio and it's in perfect order ~:)

illustrate children's stories (for my nephew) - working on second book and there's so many more that i should inspire myself by taking a drawing class.

clean out the house of negative stuff- i have some more things to go through and throw away but i have done so much! i am quite pleased with what i've accomplished with this list item.

clean it out of un-necessary clutter- garbage bag upon garbage bag have been thrown away and there are so many more waiting to be packed. so exciting to know you're going to start off on a clean slate.

take all loose photos and put them in album- i have entered photos into 2 albums and i need more albums! lol

complete all scrapbooks, unfinished or untouched- haven't gotten to this list item yet, but have organized scrapbook stuff into one drawer. it's ready to go!

print out what needs to get printed out on this computer- that's my tomorrow morning task and it will be complete by lunchtime, though i have done a lot of that this week!

delete un-needed files from computer- i did that with the documents file and have organized them into folders as well. progress!

upload all photos into usb disc AND photo programs - i should be getting this done this week

select photos to be printed- this list item might be the most difficult because i have so much else to do, but i do have until the end of the month! 

get them printed (and repeat above)- ditto.

finish reading all books left before i buy or pick up a new one- i am reading the books on my sidebar, and i have 27 books to read that i am quite excited about. i will be working on them this year.

call church to pick up clothes for donation- my niece decided to pool our clothing donations for the salvation army...check!

go through and complete everything on my to-do list, which has come down considerably in the last two days. I am VERY excited about this.- now i accomplish a daily to do list and it works out so great! i have knocked so many items off of my 'master' to do list that this was the only solution

send out those packages! - its too cold to be out for too long, but as soon as it gets warmer, i am on it!

make those appointments (snow keeps stopping me from doing this)- still being stopped :/

start book club- that's going to happen by february 1st!

organize all files/bills - i can't tell you how cathartic it was to do this but i am not done with this list item yet. i felt so productive tackling one drawer the other day that i treated myself to a cookie.


make a list of places from here to long island i'd like to see- i have and i think i may have blogged it! if not, i will blog it soon!

make my new years resolutions- ahhh that's going to be a long list! better get crackin' on it.


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