help the animals!

this is Rocky! He is a 5 year old-Pit Bull mix looking for a new home!
even though my apartment is small, if i was in virginia, i would sneak him into my house...
though my assistant would be competitive...
he'd have to learn!

My amazing friend has set up a wishlist for les-than-fortunate animals in need of a little attention, love and squeaky toys...here's the deal:

Want to help homeless animals? Want to know where your money is going? Visit my Wish List to select (inexpensive items) to benefit K9 Justice League and the Virginia Beach SPCA - Thanks!

If you have a minute, see if you'd like to donate anything. If you do, you can track the status through stories of how you've helped an animal in need at the K9 Justice League and the Virginia Beach SPCA! I will post the stories of the donator and the giftie-acceptor :)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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