enhance your life

(photo a la MG- my favorite flower)

according to the scrapbooks i have one tip to enhancing your life...and that is...

don't sweat the small stuff.

apply it to anything... the little things on your to do list you don't really have to do...the things that people say about you behind your back...

which i just happen to have a story of, by the way :)

going out with some friends the other night, i discovered that...i'm either pregnant *or* angry & bitter because I am *not* with child?!

please pertain to the beginning of the story here and here.

an impromptu going-out with friends for wine night unlocked the discovery of these "accusations".

and today i get an email saying she doesn't know why i'm mad?

MG= betrayed. not mad, pregnant, delusional or the like.

for the love of god.
case in point- don't sweat the small stuff, especially from people with small minds. care to share a story? e-mail me. i have about a zillion and my input is free :D

i'm going for another cup of coffee- who wants some?!


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