drama and updates

Dear Bloggie Friends:

this is what has been going on in my world:
  • i still have not gotten the case results from NOVEMBER 2008 from the Board of Education, because they are *&%^&(. So I plan to sue them and will be contacting this massive lawyer later :)
  • the friend that i've previously mentioned in posts the last two weeks- the one that has been spewing my information (like what i have and what i do and other intimate details) has now been running around and telling people that i must be pregnant because i wrote to her to please stop telling everyone my private information. Seriously, what do you do with that?
  • LML and I had a uber-fun weekend vineyard hopping (please try strawberry dessert wine-it probably goes great with cheesecake!), shopping, and fine dining and The Frisky Oyster ( I really freaking love the Frisky Oyster)...we didn't want to come back home.
  • i have blocked my facebook wall for fear that said-crazy person will tell people i'm pregnant
  • heard that another blizzard is coming (?!)...this is what the last one looked like:
my poor backyard- i thought these shots looked pretty cool. i should do a backyard post to show you what it looked like before we remodeled. What do you think?

So all in all...
i had a lovely weekend
drank my weight in wine
please note, that since i've boozed it up
i am *not pregnant*
but i guess stupid people
will think your pregnant
when you tell them not to do something
that you think is disrespectful to you.
i also think that stupid people
will accuse you of stupid things
when life starts treating you the way you want it
and they will assume that you are pregnant
so people could think you're an asshole
when you go out and have wine at a vineyard
or at dinner
or in front of the fireplace
or on vacations.

for the love of god.

thank you guys
for being my friends


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