how you know it's love

when we were away a couple of weeks ago...
we saw an obsecene amount of people eating chicken.
anything chicken.
fried chicken
chicken fingers
chicken sandwiches

but no one eating chicken in a salad
or grilled chicken

which got us to thinking until...
we heard a woman, at 2 am nonetheless, flipping out

and what was the woman saying?

"i can't believe it! they're chefs! how can they NOT know the difference between chicken fingers and
wait for it
chicken tenders?"

my title for this post is appropriately named 'how you know it's love'
for yesterday, I did not speak to LML as often
but he sends me an e-mail that says this:

Is there a difference between chicken tenders and chicken fingers? If so, why?

Also, it's not uncommon for chicken tenders to be made from the whole piece of chicken called the "tender" or "tenderloin". It's a piece that often comes attached when you buy breasts, but also is often sold on its own.

Often, chicken fingers or nuggets are made from processed and pressed pieces of chicken from miscellaneous parts of the bird.

and that's how you know it's love


  1. I like your perspective for this post. And I like how you described the woman's flipping out.


  2. thanks, gals :)

    she was really loud, i was a little disturbed for 2 am!!

    thanks for visiting, hope you had a good weekend <3


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