i am so excited!

i am so excited
that this weather is so beautiful.
i can't wait to get my garden planned!
it's mostly finished, but i need a bunch of flowers and the like...
maybe things that repel mosquitos and cats would be nice...

any ideas would be much appreciated :)

my mom has also enlisted
LML and I to fix her front and backyard
because she likes the way we've
designed ours :))

this weekend was crazy...we were supposed
to go away to the island
i forgot the keys.
so we turned the car around
and went shopping and out to eat instead
which wasn't totally unfortunate.

sunday, we got up extra early,
hit the fruitmarkets,
took a looooong walk
just LML and I...
shopped at a Greek Supermarket
and stocked up on a while bunch of supplies.
Our home was absolutely wiped clean
of all food...

then we went to brunch...yumyumyum
at bourbon street.
it came with muffins bagels, your choice of
mimosa or bloody mary or screwdriver
coffee OR tea
and your entree...
oh yeah, and a coffee crumb cake *and* fruit cup
for 14.95.
I find that whenever i really am hungry
i never take pictures of the food
so i apologize :)

these past few days have been so
what this world..or side of the hemisphere
has needed that i'm wondering...

what's been up with my lovely followers?

i'd love comments...i don't care how old my posts are.
and as always, if you need anything at all
let me know <3


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  1. I just read this- and my blog today was along the same lines. How amaaaaazing was the weather today!!! I also linked your page!! :O) Hope all is well. Thursday seems like a distinct possibility by the way.

    Good luck with the garden planning!


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