I cracked, got Crocs

Dear Bloggie Friends:
I know they look atrocious, but they are really quite nice.
I bought us a pair of matching ones, got them at a good price!
We've used them in a lot of places, and as you can see...
When LML tripped, he did not fall to his knees
He rinsed them, in order to keep them clean
The strap around his foot, helped him keep his hands free :)

So thank you for going with us
on the many adventures we had.
We can't wait to take you with us again
for without you, our feet would be sad!



  1. Mine are bright green, when I wear them it can cause a scene...
    Doe you see sometimes, some people see them and often will scream.

    Comfy and cozy and perfect to wear
    out on to the store
    ...or to run an errand or three or four.

    Try as you might to think they are lame, but once you wear them you'll love them just the same.

    I'm glad you bought these super great togs,
    Please just dont think about making
    small crocs for dogs


    I love rhyming! Cute post!


heart to hearts...