My Perfect Day

Ever get those annoying surveys to fill out on Facebook...because someone tags you in them? People thought my answers were a hoot, so here is what I wrote:

Wake up-whenever.
Play with puppy.
Get washed up and go over to our library or garden for breakfast, weather permitting.
Coffee and breakfast prepared by our personal chef.
Get to the gym with our personal trainer. This happens three time a week, and they change up our routine, schedule and weather permitting.
Meetings, regarding our respectful careers.
Lunch. Healthy and nutritious- anywhere. No fried crap.
Language classes for me- cigar and phone calls for LML.
Shopping, maybe.
Getting ready for dinner, once again anywhere we like.
Retiring to a jazz lounge for a martini.

This does not include the schedule for:
  • summer vacations
  • snow days
  • holidays
  • birthdays
  • during-the-year vacations
This scenario also does not include:
  • children
  • where we are living right now
It can also change due to the above :)

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