Can you believe it?

When things are going so well in ones life, isn't there bound to always be a "thorn" there, somewhere?

I don't know why, but I always feel this way- in part because in my case, it always happens.

5 years ago, LML and I got married, moved in together, adopted our puppy, went to Greece for the first time together, I got a job in my "career"...and wouldn't you know it?

A thorn, aka, the principal at the school I was working at.

5 years later to present day, LML and I still married, very much in love with each other AND our puppy, relaxed...

and a thorn, aka, someone in denial of the *principal* of the matters at hand.

As the snow comes down outside, I wonder...is there really any reason for one persons negativity? Sure, a lot of people could take things to heart when there was nothing hidden between the lines...but what if all you really asked for was to be listened to by someone you've known basically your entire life-

and they don't give a crap to listen?

Does this make YOU crazy? Delusional? Depressed? Anti-social? Suicidal? Pregnant?

That's what it made *me* yesterday, according to this person. Why, you ask?

I asked this person to stop talking to people about my and my family's personal business, and to please be respectful of my privacy. Violations include:

  •  the way she talks about me in front of my face to other people (about stuff that I don't care for anyone to know)
  • wants to only go out to clubs and drink, which is not LML and I's thing. It was a few years ago, maybe when we just got married because we'd never done it before. But we're not 21, and we've progressed in things we'd like to do.
  • how she balls me out and e-mails everyone we know to make me sound like i'm crazy...since I am not entitled to feelings
  • not respecting my wishes with what i like to do and what i *don't* want to do.
  • tagging me and virtual strangers in photos *strangers to me* because we're neighbors and we should talk...(really? what business is that of yours? did i force you to go to your next door neighbor and become friends?)
  • and then, to be called all of these names AND upon "realizing that i'm pregnant because of mood swings" (which i'm not, but she said so- so she MUST be right, right?) offers to take me out to celebrate...
  • because would i really go out and celebrate by drinking if i was pregnant?

Please note that I have always been aware of the differences between me and this other person. This person used to be very good to me and used to ask me how i was feeling...this person has stopped caring. This person has been focusing all her attentions on herself and petty things, not caring who she hurts in the process. But...upon being labeled all these things above, this person claims that they will always be there for me so that I should go to them with my problems since I have so many.

No joke.

My problem, once again...and maybe YOU have caught on...


Last I checked, I HAD a mouth. Still do. I can use it at will...apparently, this person has never had me use my mouth to defend myself to them, and now that I have I am mental.

My sister said it's the Jamaica in me that should have came out when I was young. My husband claims it's because I grew up and realized that I'm not a doormat.

Whatever the case, what would you do if...this person...was doing this to you?

globetrotting gamine


  1. Hm. I'd tell them that they're being a bad friend and you don't know why and that even if they don't see how, they are being disrespectful.

    If it's the person that I *THINK* it is it's their lack of self esteem (that they are constantly over compensating for) making itself evident. I'm sorry that you're having such a rough time with this.

  2. fanks-

    it just bothers me that i go to this person time and time again and am there for her, but once i ask for something, i'm insane. if i sent you the e-mails, you'd plotz.


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