Reasons why my Mom is cool:
  • Ultimate cool diva status
  • met my Dad, fell in love, and married him a lot! lol
  • she knows how to do all sorts of fun things like bellydancing, knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing...and tries teaching me but i like it better when I watch her doing that stuff :)
  • she used to throw cool parties, like this one pictured here!:
  • she taught me how to walk, talk, eat right.
  • she made me go to tae kwon do, ballet, tap, acrobatics (even though that lasted for a week)
  • she thought i would go play piano in carnegie hall one day...but i'm still young and i have time
  • she made me go to museums, movies, libraries, concerts AND she made me play in recitals, plays, shows, etc.
  • she raised 6 kids, including my niece and 2 nephews and whatever friends we had over at that time
  • she taught us that family is the greatest gift, and aside from the love (and pains) of a spouse, it's the nicest gift one can have
i have the best mom in the world

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  1. I love your mom too!

    One of my favorite memories of her is when we were little she'd come in while we were playing, or watching tv, and drop off plates of food! Yummy amazing home made Greek awesome food.
    Plates of salad, potatoes, meat loaf, or spaghetti with kaseri cheese- AMAZING. Seriously, your mothers cooking is my idea comfort food.



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