analyze this!

ok, ok...you can say it...
i'm always "reflecting". which my mother calls, analyzing. which is why i became a counselor. which is what drives my husband crazy.
one year ago today, we were away, and my friends lives were about to change forever with the birth of their baby son!
he's the yummiest baby in the world, and LOVES to give kisses!
meanwhile, me? Right now, instead of packing to go away... to play MONOPOLY and drink HOT CHOCOLATE...i'm sick at home (day 3!).
Sick like a dog....which is a phrase I never fully understood.

At least LML will bring home honey?
Oh please, please let the man bring home honey.
My nose is drippy, my head's all achy, my bones hurt, and my throat gets scratchy if i don't drink something every half hour.


LML: bring home honey. Honeeeeeyyyyyyy. Your wife needs honeeeeyyyyyyy.
what would you do in my predicament?

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  1. Hot chocolate looks yummy! I think I want some!!

    It may not be the best thing for your cold though...the dairy is mucus forming. :/

    Feel better soon!

    Also, who's the Yorkie?


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