Being Sick Sucks

looking at pictures and reading anything is usually therapeutic for me.
except this past weekend when I felt like death.
Thankfully, LML had the smarts to drag my ass up out of bed, and out of the house to escape for at least one night, 2 days. Off we went to our favorite place, even though we had to go there to run family errands.
So sick, that LML made me lunch and dinner, and made me eat every few hours.
So sick, that I must have driven him crazy during what I hope was a sinus headache.
Yet Sunday, he drew up some more courage, and dragged me out *with* puppy to the outlets.
LML= knows how to make me feel better.

Upon our many discussions, we came upon some sad realizations. Realizations that I've discussed with you guys before (you know, about crazy people and stuff of the like)...that I've discussed with LML for years and years. You just never know when the stuff is going to happen, and when it finally does it's a cross between a relief and a sad realization...

Aside from that, and I am sorry for sounding odd as I am still recovering from the effects of all things, tylenol, therafly, afrin AND robitussin *not kidding*...
I realized a few things this past week/month:

  • family is always going to be there for you, no matter what
  • if you've found the right one, you're significant other is going to be there no matter what (and i've found the right one :)
  • if you dream hard enough, it tends to come true
  • there are some friends who will always be there, and there's friends who were never really...
  • puppies are love epitomized
  • holding on to things you should have let go of a long time ago holds you back
  • miserable people want to make other people miserable (ok, so I didn't find that out recently, but it's omnipresent)
  • finding out who your real friends are is priceless
ps- picture of the duck and chick too weird? i like it. sorry :)

hope you all had a wonderful weekend,


  1. Wow - you have had a lot of realisations on the weekend! Get well soon!
    Ducklings are super-cute, as is your sweet baby in the top pic!!

  2. kokomo I love your blog. It's so honest.

    Really it's important to remember you are always where you are supposed to be even if you don't know why. SO ENJOY THE RIDE!

    Feel better soon m'love!


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