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Dear BloggieFriends:

Have you ever...ordered food on the internet? I've been hearing a lot about it recently and don't quite know how to feel. In the beginning, I thought that accomplishing your supermarket orders online was kind of weird...You know, websites like this. Now, one can order anything online (I guess if you are unable to leave the house or live in the boonies, this is a good thing)

Is it really fresh? Can you really trust meats and vegetables and sweets you can order online? It's not like they are local establishments and they are coming from about an hour away- I'm talking about Omaha Steaks from Omaha (don't you love that somehow Trump got involved in that? I can't stand him!) and Lobsters from Maine (really?)

(photo from here)

Have you ever ordered online before? Would you? Because...yikes! I never say never but right now I am highly unlikely to ever :) (unless of course, your opinions sway me!)


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  1. I think for some people, it's good depending on their schedules. It's illegal for meats to be anything other than they are labeled, so if you order organic steak, you have to be getting it. If you trust the USDA and FDA (Which I DON'T) then you essentially can rest assured that you're getting what you pay for and request from the sights. When it comes to produce I'm kind of a bitch and don't trust too many people to pick out what I want.

    I say if you have time, go to the market- Online is convenient, but not always necessary.


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