What is Poutine?

Dear bloggie friends-

Have you ever heard of poutine?

It looks like this right here:

I can honestly say that I never have until I traveled to Montreal. We were snow tubing in Saint Saveur, and enjoyed some at a log cabin over the snow. I don't think I would ever make it....unless requested. I thought it was incredibly interesting, and if you like french fries, cheese and gravy this would be your thing :)

Wikipedia says this about it:
Poutine is a diner staple which originated in Quebec and can now be found across Canada. It is sold by fast food chains (such as New York Fries, A&W, Harvey's, Ed's Subs[2]), in small "greasy spoon" type diners (commonly known as "cantines" or "casse-croûtes" in Quebec) and pubs, as well as by roadside chip wagons. International chains like McDonald's,[3] A&W,[4] KFC and Burger King[5] also sell mass-produced poutine in Canada. Popular Quebec restaurants that serve poutine include Chez Ashton (Quebec City), La Banquise (Montreal), Louis (Sherbrooke), Lafleur Restaurants, Franx Supreme [6], La Belle Province, Le Petit Québec and Dic Ann's Hamburgers. Along with fries and pizza, poutine is a very common dish sold and eaten in high school cafeterias in various parts of Canada.

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  1. So this is called a "couch" at Cherry Valley in Whitestone. :)


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