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(photo taken from her blog, link below!)
I first heard about Katrina Markoff in October of 2008. She was featured in the Marie Claire magazine as an entrepreneur. I still have that article :) It says this:

Katrina: My Inspiration: One night I was playing around in my kitchen and made this milk-chocolate truffle with coconut and curry. Then, I got into a zone and made about 20 different kinds of truffles, using Hungarian paprika, Japanese wasabi black sesame seeds- all flavors from places I'd traveled, like Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Korea.

At this point, can you tell why she's listed here as an inspiration?

Continuing on:
Katrina: Later I brought a few truffles into my office, a mail order company in Dallas- for my co-workers. They thought I was nuts, but when they tried the candy, they loved it. I knew I was on to something. I thought, maybe I can tell stories of where I've traveled through chocolate.

Katrina: How I got started:: I sold a few batches of truffles from my apartment, then met with a buyer from Neiman Marcus, who basically said, "Don't call me; I'll call you." Amazingly, he did call- the very next day. Turns out, he'd put my chocolates in the break room, and they'd disappeared immediately. Pretty soon, I was selling candy at Neiman's in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

You can read about her adventures on her blog:


This is her shop:


She's awesome. I'd love an interview with her!!


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