Airplane Food

Dear BloggieFriends-

I was four when I started to travel back and forth from Greece with my family. I am sad that I don't have any pictures, but do you KNOW what it was like on the planes back then? Especially Olympic Airways? We were packed into the plane like sardines in a can. People SMELLED. And once the food rolled down the aisle by a nasty Greek Stourtist, you wanted, or most likely DID, throw up.

Ew ew ew. Every summer, me and my sister DREADED getting on that plane. Upon arrival, we dreaded going back home. It was beyond ridiculous, and beyond nasty. What the hell was that we were getting served? I swear, once people started lighting those cigarettes on those flights (i.e. I have never smoked, nor enjoy the smell of one smoking) it was the happiest moments, because we'd be smelling something else other than God Knows What. (it really was)

At least the foul odor of cigarette smoke masked everything else. One foul smell outdoes another?

When they said it was moussaka, was it really that? Why couldn't we tell where the eggplant was? Ew. Thank God new wonderful airlines like Continental and Jet Blue have actual food. Blessed be, someone heard my prayers.

But to recap, P U.

Check out the Greek guy named Basil for the song, Flying on Olympic. Lol


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