Symphony of Sick

Achoo sniffle sniffle

Sneeze sneeze COUGH

What else is there to do when you're sick and under the covers for two days? Someone help me!

Update: a few hours later...

*have discovered the wonders of chamomile by drinking 3 cups
*took out my Susan Branch Christmas Keepsake book- and can't believe our first 5 years of Married Christmases are almost over
*realized I cannot listen to some songs without weeping
*literally, weeping
*caught up on my favorite show, Accidentally on Purpose
*almost ate all the peeps

*made hot chocolate
*decided on what to make for dinner (artichokes and peas)
*decided on what to make for dessert (baked apples)

That's good for someone who's freezing and unbelievably ill. Ew.

Oh, and I ordered a book! More about my book issues soon!


  1. Well done!! You have achieved greatness despite being so ill :-)

  2. And you have your little one to keep you company! I'm always afraid to be around my bunnies when I'm that sick, you just never know about them, I'm glad dogs are really immune to our illnesses!

    Feel better for the weekend!

    happy holidays


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