It must be the fact that I am sick, or that WHEN I am sick I clean. When I clean, I find really old momentos, notes, and photos of where we have been (mentally, not only physically).

So yesterday, after my weepy blog post I flopped on our california king bed to watch TV. I looked over to the left where my pseudo bookshelf is, and a book called out to me.

Book: Pick me up!
Me: Go away. Too sick.
Book: You have to finish me.
Me: No, I don't. I have another year. Shhh.
Book: Maybe you should check that out...
Me: I am NOT getting up.
Book: We both know you are.
Me: Ha. That's Funny- FUNNY.
Book: Fine, I'll wait.

The book was a Christmas Keepsake Book from Susan Branch. I ordered it in September of 2005, because I wanted to document our first 5 married Christmas' together. I ordered it because LML and I ALWAYS filled out keepsake books together. I ordered it so I could show it to our future kids and family members. But- I never finished it.

And guess what? This year is the last one that will be documented in that book. I panicked and hopped on over to Amazon to order another one. (I did)

I can't believe the things we have been through since Christmas 2005!

Christmas spent in Kalamata!
New Years spent in Athens, having a huge party!

(our first family photo & first tree @ home)

(this was in our yard in Greece, Christmas morning, making food. Don't laugh at our PJs/Socks & Slippers combo! LOL)

Christmas in NY
New Years @ a catering hall with friends!

Christmas in NY
New Years (very eventful, fighting, at a catering hall in NY)

(this pic is NOT from that catering hall- we don't have many pics from holidays 07!)

Christmas with friends and family in NY
New Years- freezing cold in NY, so bad that we went home early and frostbitten!


Our relationship, like any other, has had it's ups and downs. Those who say they haven't honestly disturb me. I am so happy that it's been 5 married years with LML. Who else would put up with me?

Happy Holidays, and more soon!


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