Movie Fun: Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe came out in 2008. LML and I were going through many rough patches then with all of our responsibilities, so 2008 was a time when I barely trekked to the movie theaters...I did only with my friends from work. Falling asleep during 10,000 BC is a memory that will stick out in my mind forever. That's why I'm wondering where I was when Definitely, Maybe came out.

Ryan Reynolds plays a father telling his 'love story' to his daughter. Catch: There were 3 women in his life, and names have been altered, so he won't tell his daughter which one her Mom is.

I have been attempting to finish this movie since it came out on cable. 2 days ago, I finally did! OH yay!! Isla Fischer is beyond a goddess in this film, and thank goodness it was a good cast...very few people can make it more entertaining than Isla, Ryan and Rachel Weisz in my book.

If you haven't seen this movie, youmust!! Especially during the holidays...I don't know why, but it's mushy enough :)

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