I love the promise of a new year. It holds so much potential that you can't wait to make new memories. This year has been memorable for me and LML in many ways. I don't like to advertise material stuff (unless it's bags and shoes) because I don't care to let people know too much about us...don't people know enough from the internet? But this is what I remember:

* My graduating class of 1999 lost a very talented and loved friend.
* 10  year high school reunion (too funny- reunions have lost all oomph since the invention of facebook)

* Nasty boss got just reward.
* Started off with a bang in Montreal and Dominican Republic with great groups of people

* Many a family gathering
* Lots of wine
* Millions of puppykisses.

* Finding out, yet again, who my real friends are.
* Letting go of 'friends' who held no value to my (and others) well-being.
* Writing and finishing my manuscript.

* (well, just one manuscript)
* Planning big dreams with LML
* Discovering new places, and trying new things
* Having a blast with friends that I consider family

* Making plans with them for 2010!
* Hanging out with my family, which is the greatest family in the world.

I wouldn't trade my life with anyone elses. I am beyond happy that I share my life with an amazing group of people. My only "resolution" for 2010 is to have fun...and be a little spontaneous. OK, LML. I'll get up earlier in the morning...but only for you <3

What were your milestones of 2009? Are you planning big things for 2010? Tell me all about it if you'd like :)



  1. Ooph, 2009 has been a tough year for us. I guess managing our big move out of London and back to quieter places was our biggest achievement. I have nothing big planned for 2010, I just want it to be quieter, less full of disaster and generally happier for me and mine :)

  2. Where did you move to? Moving takes a massive toll on people- I know. I've moved a couple of times in my life, but to adjust to a new place, town, marriage- 2005-2006 was hell for us. (After 5 years being married and ALIVE? Massive achievement!)
    I know that your 2010 is going to be great! The year after a hellish year is always amazing!



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