Inspiration: Anne Rice

I never knew that Anne Rice had a new book out called Angel Time. I am so behind on my reading that I haven't checked my amazon list in ages! How much does that suck? I love Anne Rice, and have always wanted to read one of her books. Perhaps during the summer I will pick them all up and devour them one by one while sea air brushes the hair out of my eyes.
This book, Angel Time seems interesting only because there's angels and also a dark side to the novel (so I read, thank God for Elle Magazine). I love you, Anne Rice. You go, girl!

Image from Wikimedia :)


  1. If you haven't read Anne Rice yet, you simply must immediately! How is it you missed it? Interview with a Vampire and The Witching Hour, go now to the library and get them!
    I've read almost all of her books!

  2. And why are you awake at 4AM? lol


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