Weekend Menu!

There were so many thoughts going thru my head this weekend that it was...and still is!...really hard to keep them straight! I don't know where to begin but it's going to be a LONG post! Friday was the beginning of the hustle and bustle of the weekend. I spent the day with my Mom (we saw the Blind Side with Sandra Bullock, it was so so good! my treat!) Fast forward to the night and we met up with a few friends at a cafe we've been going to for over 10 years. While I was there, stirring the honey into my chamomile, I felt like my head began to spin. More than 10 years? Ew. So I look over to LML, my sister & niece and best friend and think...son of a bitch, 10 years!
It's not that I feel like I wasn't present. I've pretty much done everything I've wanted to do AND more these past 10 years but where the hell did they go? How do they just fly by? It pretty much spiraled from Friday night.
Saturday, we were set to meet our very dear friends for a yummy lunch. They have recently had a baby! So cute and very mushy- he's about the size of LML's hand and was mushing his face up against mine when he wasn't pulling my hair! When I looked over at our friends while I was holding their baby, I thought...WOW. I remember double dating when LML and I started going out. I remember hearing about them and how they met a few months ago. I remember meeting them for the first time at Six Flags Great Adventure, because they wanted to see if I was going to break LML's heart again. (Note: I broke his, but he broke mine first. We're OK now!)
Countless dinners, lunches, vacations, and e-mail later, and now they have a FAMILY of their own. Later on, I tell LML that it's very difficult for me to digest that so much time has gone by. I met him in 1993! We started seriously dating in 1998! It's going to be 2010! I became delirious with how time has sped up.
Saturday and Sunday was spent with friends that have, over time (!), become family. It is moments that are shared with loved ones that make life worthwhile and time precious but...does it have to go by so fast? Sigh.
Pictures of AMAZING food we ate this weekend...

LML decided to gift me a beautiful new purse as to calm me down about time and it's craziness. It helped, a little. I have named the bag, Lou.

What did you do this weekend?

More soony-soon,


  1. I love sushi!!! If I have sushi I eat untill I'm nauseous!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  2. Me too!! I heart sushi and your blog! You're inspirational!

    Much Love,


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