Thank goodness for morning coffee. Sometimes I think of how drab my life would be if LML had never forced me to drink a cup down. I started to enjoy my cup of joe soon after I started working with him after graduate school...and before we got engaged. Actually, maybe during graduate school..who can remember?
I met LML when I was 13 (though he says that I was 12 and HE was 13), so there is a lot that we have been through and not a lot that we can remember specifically.
Back to my coffee obsession- it's not that LML was the first person to introduce it to me. It was my Mom, who while she would drop me off every morning to school for YEARRRSS, I would have to stop by McDonald's to get her a cup of coffee. I would also always have to wake her up. She used to say that the reason I had to do that was because my Dad wouldn't let her sleep AND she was catching up on all the sleep she missed when I was a baby.
Funny, Mom. REAL funny.

I always wondered why she had to have those things happen...until this morning. I could barely open my eyes, had barely slept when my 10 year old alarm clock (Hello Kitty) went off and LML poked my nose. My nose is like a button he enjoys to push when I need to wake up to drop him off. I thought out loud, holy crap- can't you get someone to come get YOU?
LML: This is all you have to do today!
Me: Right.
LML: Seriously, you can come home and spend the day doing what you want. Is that a bad deal?

Well, no. It's not. But I neeed coffee. LOTS of coffee!! So after all is said and done, when I get home, I brew a pot of coffee for myself. Heaven. Unless I'm having issues with my taste buds, then it's warm apple cider all the way. (Love Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, too...just in case I'm not home. And also, when we're away, this one place we go to for coffee? Heaaaaaven!)

I have had amazing coffee in Greece and in the Dominican Republic...though, I have to say that I've always wanted to go out for those fancy cups of decorated coffee like the one pictured above. The second picture is of our breakfasts in Montreal back in January...sigh! The view out that window we were sitting by looked like this:

Sigh. Gimme a cup o'joe and LML, and let the winter begin! Hope you all are having a wonderful week...and are going to have a fun weekend. If anyone know of a good coffee place in the NY area, lemme know!



  1. Mmm, I'm a coffee drinker too. It's not an addiction, just an almost necessary pleasure.
    So glad you like my blog - you're sweet =)


  2. Yep, I hear ya!! I sooo need my coffee too before I attempt anything!
    Best coffee ever - Isle of Capri Italy :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for following my Blog!! Nope, no jobs at FIT. major hiring freeze. That coffee looks amazing!


  4. Necessary pleasure- I like that! You guys are wonderful!!

    Much Love,

  5. You're right...they do have some killer coffee in the Dom Rep!

  6. I thought it was only me that thought that! Thank you so much for your comments <3



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