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I love to make frosting into different colors. It could quite possibly be a sickness that I have...this was phase one of our cookie baking extravaganza...take one!

Ok. These cookies were supposed to be bone-shaped and martini glass-shaped. What happened to them? The world may never know, cuz I sure as hell don't!

The picture below is a blurry shot of what my oldest nephew decorated. Given what that cookie looked like, believe me, it's an improvement!

Ah, the finished product:

Basically, that was what I accomplished yesterday, aside from laundry, cooking and blogging. I deem yesterday as brain-fart day, a day in which I could not get myself awake or in check long enough to get what I actually wanted to get done accomplished.

At least I remembered to bring home some eggs!

Hope you're Wednesday was more productive than mine!


  1. Sounds to me like you achieved a lot - congratulations!!!
    Hope today is better for you :-)

  2. Thank you :) Sometimes it doesn't feel like it...Thank you for visiting my page <3

    Much Love,



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