Order, order!

So, remember the government agency I went to in order to find an answer to my harassment case? Nada. Too late. Which leads me on to these next thoughts: should I really be busting my ass to pursue that field? Should I continue pursuing my business, which will be mine and mine alone?

Ya, I like the latter one, too! In the meantime, yesterday my close relative bought my LML a cigar back from her vacation in the DR...and I am hoping its still in my bag AND not smushed to bits. Oh, she also returned with a roll of toilet paper for me from the hotel. Swell, I needed one to leave in the car anyway- just in case of road-trip emergencies. I can't tell you how many bathrooms along miles of road don't have toilet paper- you try feeling crisp and clean without it. I'm not gonna even try!

Right now I am here:

And I wish I was here:

Eating this:

And getting a tan:

PS- My photography website is almost done, which I will probably post a link to about next week. I am SOOOO excited!!

Much Love,


  1. thank you for visiting <3

    Sparkles, i LOVE hot pink nailpolish :)

    You guys are dears!


  2. who never wanted to go on a vacation? visit Boracay Philippines. I've been there and I promise myself to visit again next year! :D


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