Weekend Menu/New York, New York

Such a big state- no one realizes how big a place it is. When one thinks about coming to New York, they only think about the city. That's not all there is to it! There are so many towns and suburbs, and places that are worth mentioning that I don't think a lot of people mention.

Take a part of Astoria, Queens for example. Steinway St. to most, is the only place where they will shop. There is a stretch of hookah bars, supermarkets (of Arabic and Greek descent), cafes, and shops. Family-owned boutiques live harmoniously next to well-known stores like Express, New York and Company, Modells (how do you spell that, again?) I must, MUST get my camera back to take some pictures, but the point of the matter is that you can find ALMOST everything there. You can even take the train in from Manhattan right there. Sushi, falafel, Greek food? Indian, Thai, Sushi?

Speaking of sushi- big Gamine kiss to the guys over at Yamashiro (30-27 Steinway Street, Astoria NY 11103) LML and I were famished, and were stopped by the big lunch special sign. $1.50 for a california roll AND another $1.50 for a sweet potation roll? Another 3 rolls (to be chosen from this great big list) for $9? Sure!

So we ate. Like hogs...let's see (of course, again not having my camera...) one california roll, 2 sweet potato rolls, one boston roll, salmon&avocado roll, eel&avocado roll, spicy yellowfish roll, spicy crabmeat roll AND a spicy shrimp tempura roll!!!!

Yum. Oh yum. These guys really know what they're doing. And the ambiance? Perfect. Such a rare treat to find in Astoria!

Hope you guys can hit it if you're in town! Our money is on the spicy yellowfish roll, for whoever is a true sushi fanatic!

More on rare NY finds soon!! And gripes, vents and updates from and about me!!

Much Love,


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