Weekend Menu/Sunday Madness!

Madness and chaos, I tell you! The day started off with my best friend giving us a ring, and waking us up to the sound of her (taking our coined and copyrighted term of...) cu-ckOO cuckOOO. A little while later, we were all out and ready to go to a diner we love for breakfast. It's horrible that I totally forgot the name of it, but give me a minute...Oh yeah...Greenvale Diner! We didn't take a picture in it or in front of it this time, so I'll post an old one right....here...

LML and his shoula-been-sister, my BFF shared a bagel with the works, and I had a sad little English Muffin which was rather tasty. We were talking about quite a few things since we hadn't seen BFF in over a month (!), when we decided to hit the TJ Maxx that was VERY close by. And what a time we had there...


Now, I have not gotten my camera back yet, so I have to post photos tomorrow of what we purchased and how much everything was, but it was like a shopping spree and we left that store SOOOO happy!
So, we trekked over to our 'sister's' house (i quote this because we should have been sisters, and MAY have been in a past life) to say hi and wound up going to lunch/dinner @ Pine Court Chinese Bistro (249-32 Horace Harding Expwy., Little Neck NY 11362). I have no idea what we ordered, just that it was all great...when it's a group of us we always order 'family style'

OMG...even the quality of the noodles were awesome. I love that when we all come together that we wind up having so much fun at incredibly random places- and this is one I've always wanted to try! Good job, Pine Court! We'll see you again, soon!

(the middle one is me :))
Sadly, that about wraps up the weekend adventures with us, but I'll blog tomorrow about our shopping goodies!


  1. Looks like a fun! Love the masks.

  2. Hello MG! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. :D

    Re: writing job

    oh well, its just a small blogging job that pays so little lol! enough to pay my electricity and water bill at home hah! I blog for someone you know :)

    you take care ok?

  3. the masks are cute btw! :D

  4. Thanks! The only drawbacks with those masks were that I'd have to vamp them to get them to stay on my face!

    Take Care, too, Solo!!

    Heiress- thanks!



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