Trying to...

(I wish I had one of those right now. 11:40 am be damned....)

Trying to launch your own business really sucks. I'm home, it's really cold and my fingers and toes are frozen. I am at my wits end...and collaboratively me and LML have a fabulous idea this weekend. Act on it now, he says.

Crap, I say.

It's so cold...I have completed my list of 1000 things to do for TODAY- HAHHAHAHA...today- and I am totally overwhelmed as you can tell.

Of course, never mind my writing, my photography, my job that i'm still fighting to get back. Something else. I guess when stuff happens, it happens all at once, right?

Well....at least, to me :)

So as I am going to attempt to stay warm at Barnes and Noble, I hope you all have a warm & toasty Monday...

and let me know...if you had a dog, would you like affordable and oh-so cute doggie apparel?

Much Love,


  1. Cold! I don't know what cold is anymore! Mm, I'd give anything for a taste of autumn - perhaps I'll get a tiny bit in Texas (I just had to go to the warm south when visiting the US in fall didn't I?).

  2. Right now, the south being warm sounds like a treat to me! They said it would be in the 60s this week in NY and we're still waiting!

    And I LIKE the cold. But it's TOO cold for October...it's got me dreading Montreal's January weather!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Much Love

  3. I know the overwhelming feeling. There is many a day I sit back around 11ish(it's always about then that things just pile up isn't it?) and think- " I am way too sober for this day". Lol

    I hope you get all that you want accomplished! Remember- We're women of the millennium! We eat stress for breakfast with raisins and milk!

  4. Yes! At 11 o clock I am wishing that there was rum in my coffee...that's so funny :)

    My to do list is 5 pages. eew eew eew.

    Which reminds me, I need to go buy raisins and milk!

    Much Love,


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