The Ultimate Wants List

If anyone out there is reading this...you probably have a list with either blogging or journaling. That is what I have learned in this past week. Having lots of company over the past weekend also led me to reflect-somehow. It must have been the wine.

My Ultimate Wants List is as follows:
*to be happy accomplished in 2010
*to publish my books
*to publish my photos
*to start that idea for a fashion line!
*to acquire a one family home for me and my husband and possibly future kids, with yard, paid off.
*to travel the world began in 2009
*to have room for extensive shopping sprees
*to own a vacation home, fully paid off- to run away when we need to. or maybe just run away
*to have a huge library in my house- or own a bookstore. Either would make me happy
*to have the ultimate home office  accomplished in 2010
*to complete the garden at our house now, and all future homes as well
*to learn sign language and italian
*to one day adopt a baby (or maybe a pup will do!)

I go over this list every now and again, for motivation. Thankfully, I am not the only person who does this, though for a while I thought I was. I've filled journals with inspirational photos, quotes, etc cut out from magazines, had journals for drawing, traveling, etc. Of course, I'm thinking that my father threw must of them away (he loves to clean out everything), but the ones I lost would have been nice to have.

This weekend my Grandmother went to the hospital for the infection on her foot...and that caused my sister to lose her mind and yell at me (like it was my fault I was away with my other sister and family). Anyone else have a family member that completely gets on their nerves? Who's so selfish that it causes them grief...or hours of conversations? Blech.

There is so much to write about...so much to say- that there is barely enough time to do everything! I probably will blog more later....seeing as to it helps deal with stress :)

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