Lactose-Intolerant Cuisine

I have always been a fan of clean eating. We always have our own vat of e.v.o.o. shipped to us, and we use it in everything. We always had at least two vegetables at dinner, but it's basically come down to 2 or 3 vegetables BEING dinner. We sautee just about anything in garlic in e.v.o.o (Please note that the WE mentioned is me and my husband!)

As of late, we've lost a considerable amount of weight- and then one night, my husband noticed that the bottom half of my midsection was REALLLLY tiny in comparison to the area under my breast line.

After a bout of screaming what the hell is that?! We came to the realization that I may be...


No more dairy.

OMG, I thought to myself. All I do all day is eat cheese! Feta, American, Kefalogaviera, Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, Cottage, Cheddar, Kaseri...cheese cheese CHEESE.

On pizza. On pasta. With bread, with fruit. Suddenly, I was extremely aware that I ate different kinds of cheese at least 3 times a day! A lot of it...sometimes just by itself!

Thus, switching up my vices to vegetables, blogging, and experimenting in the kitchen. After the intial days of cheese withdrawl- which included bad bad bathroom time, and being a raving bitch to my husband...I don't miss it so much anymore. I don't NEED it.

The thing about cheese is...I was craving it all the time when I was still eating it. Now, I don't crave it much at all. It's an unbelievable process.

So what I made today for lunch was brown rice and vegetable, tossed in a lite soy sauce and garlic...followed my a banana-mango smoothie for dessert. Soon, I'm going to be working on my black bean hummus which should be good. Recipe to follow tomorrow!

Blessed be!

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