After my first attempt at a blueberry pomegranate martini (which came out great, btw), I am so ready for bed.

My husband's job is driving me crazy but I keep hoping and praying that he strives to achieve what he wants- financial freedom (some more of it) so we can go on vacation. We have no kids, so this is not too much to ask :) I am 28 almost, and the clock is ticking...for me to go on vacation.

Babies are cute, but not for me. Not yet.

Have a lot to gripe about but it was all in all a good day...sushi with my nephew [dragon roll, salmon roll, spicy tuna roll and masago roll. mmm mmm], saw my parents and grandma, came home...baked banana bread and cornbread that I gifted to a friend who in turn gave us tomatoes the size of my head.

Sweet Jesus, the man is watching Gangs of New York- change it change it!!

Yay- Married with Children Time! More soon...

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