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It's a new love of mine, at least one year old (since I've been unemployed actually, I figured it better to tend the earth than waste away...)

I've planted lavender, roses, different kinds of salvia, lambs ear, and over 20 different kinds of trees. The trees were my husband's idea, as he apparently fell into the same obsession I did.

The only thing is that now, there's no more room to plant anything back there, and I want an herb garden! Waa...I do have basil growing, which is great and drying right now. I'd love ideas on what I could do now that it seems there is no room!

On a funnier note: turns out a relative got kicked in the ass because her favorite [ahem] younger relative who she always bragged about had the most horrible wedding. I don't wish bad things on anyone, but all I've hear for years is how this younger relative could do no wrong. Do you know what it's like to hear that non-stop?! Anyway, at least it's ammo for me to use against that older relative- one day.

I treated my nephew to sushi today, and spent a whopping 26 of my 60 a week budget. I'm very perturbed.

12 left, 26 for sushi, 20 on gas, yeah that about covers it.

I heard from my wonderfully interesting friends that Mercury is in retrograde, and it better end soon because everything is up in the air and no results are ever given back to me. This must be the reason I went on a baking rampage today. Cornbread was given to a good friend who gave us tomatoes in turn, and a banana-peanut butter bread was baked for my husband, who will from now on be called LML (Love of My Life).

So wouldn't it have been nice to already HAVE tomatoes in my yard? I may just do it by myself next year on purpose. Right now, if I actually get up to go outside, I will get bitten by the biggest mosquitoes in the world. If one would see my bites, they would think I live in a swamp. True story.

Labor Day weekend is coming up and there's only a few things I want to do: wine taste, eat, and go to fruit stands. Is that too much to ask?

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