Wishing Misery?

Kind of mad today- had many nightmares about my old job. Why? Great environment, great people, great job itself...nasty ass boss. Middle aged geezer (not gracefully middle aged, either) had a vendetta against me since Day One. Age discrimination, Religious discrimination, job discrimination...you name it, I had it. He had me 'terminated' on a technicality after years of bribing me (no joke, I have all incidents documented) that if I left quitely he would give me a great letter of recommendation to wherever I would go. No reason why, not that I ever wasn't quiet. But anyway...

Now it's been a year and I am STILL waiting for the case results. Gotta love NY Unions, right?

Any union would probably be afflicted with the same issues: bribes to get the crazy or rich to stay in power while to get everyone else to suffer. Bastards. My boss was a run of the mill bastard. Which is why I don't like dwelling completely, but venting is completely necessary!

Anyway: as per my post yesterday- I was to make a list of all things I wanted to try doing this year. I probably make the same list every year, it's just that I never get around to doing much of it. Married, huge family, crazy friends is probably the reason why.

So, my list of things I wish to accomplish from September 09 to September '10...is as follows:
*Get an actual halloween costume. Haven't done so since HIGH SCHOOL.
*Acquire a pair of hot pink or black silk pajamas.
*To buy galoshes in a bright color.
*Brush up on billiards: this means going at least 9 times during the next year!
*Dinner cruise.
*Bowling outings with friends.
*Yoga days with friends
*At least 2 days at a spa...which in my jargon means 2 spa massages... (accomplished b/04/10 & 06/10)
*See a different country...maybe 3 different countries...with my husband.(accomplished 01/10)
*Publish one of my books!
*Take either an italian/sign language/belly dancing class with best friend.
*Visit the following restaurants: Kotobuki, Melting Pot, Serendipity 3, Honu, Nobu, and Waterzooi. (I'm a big time foodie)
*Make many new recipes for my husband to enjoy to weed out the ones that he loves and does not love!
*Go to South Street Seaport
*Go to the Jersey Shore
*Go to Wildwood
*Go to the Lucky Expo
*Visit two other states that I have never been to! (NY, NJ, CT, PA, FL, MD, HI, CA have all been visited.)

I'm sure there will be more to add to my list, and I will listen to ideas!

Loving the weather!

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