Facebook & Feelings

(shot by me. i miss the days where we would just get mail!)

Back from a much-needed three day weekend, logging into facebook is like a nightmare. For example, what is it with people who brag about themselves? Do I give a s&*t where you went, what you ate, when you took a crap? This is totally different from people that post pictures up of funny things/vacations. Those are memories- but does the whole world need to know that you're not home? Ugh. I don't care if you go to fancy restaurants or if you did specific workouts! These people are so busy writing about their lives that they don't have one they like!


Everyone has that pain-in-the-ass friend, right? The one that you're closest to but wonder what the hell is wrong with him or her? Scrubbing at my pots and pans today, my mind went over how stupid these people are.
My friend for example is wonderful: smart and kind, good-looking, employed. Dumb as a post. No one is going to be your ideal soulmate: and if you do find him or her, you ARE going to have fights, or you just have problems. The world isn't a fairytale...school is not there to shield you from the real world when you're 30 and still living at home with Mom and Dad. Grow up already!! 30!!

It really hurts me to try to figure this person out. It also hurts me trying to figure out what to do with my life besides writing :)

September brings on many changes: like the weather, thankfully. It is beautifully brisk outside and it makes me want to run around like a nut escaping the asylum. Autumn is a love of mine. Hopefully, a change that I will work on today is a list of all things normal, weird, and never-done that I should do this month/season. I will create this list and post later.

Happy Reading/Unemployment!

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