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Right. My goal is to change my life, right? Not completely, but I'd like to see different places, and try different things. That's how 2009 started off for me and how I'd like to go into September 2010. I want to take those classes, and see those places near and far...LML laughs and says that a lot of people probably don't plan on doing or even thinking about the things I want to have or do. A lot of people don't, however, I am convinced that out there...there are people who think exactly like me.

I wouldn't change anything about my life...I just want to DO and SEE more. Traveling, a class here and there, different cuisines to try to re-create myself.

That's why, when I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday, I purchased for all of $9 this [see above]...

and the accessory pouch...I'm quite excited and quite convinced that these 2 items are the organizational tools to change my life for the better. AND...they're pretty.

Speaking of pretty...I'd love to know how people keep everything organized. Note: I am not a techie kind-of- girl. I would love to be, but I love to write things down and keep journals. I have since I was about 8...and my father threw most of them away in a move which really ticks me off...

That's a story for another day.

What are some key things I can do and add to my new shiny agenda book companion that helped you change your life?? Are there any of your with stories out there? I'd love to hear...

More later, as I've discovered I have a lot of things to say :D

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