More obsessions:

french kitty. calendars. always looking for the perfect calendar. classical music. stickers. glitter. makeup. pink. robin's egg blue. pink frosting. shoes. purses. notebooks and sparkly pens. did i mention photography? ancient and far away lands. the promise of tomorrow. caramel frappuccinos. love notes. letters in the mail. playing in the snow. adventures. the smell of a new pack of  crayons. brownies. wine, did i say wine? life stories that are more interesting than mine ;) secret smiles. hugs & kisses. flat black boots. riding boots. cars with working radios. people watching wherever i go. making a list of movies i've seen. making lists of movies i want to watch (ALWAYS WAITING FOR SUGGESTIONS FROM PEOPLE). dream catchers. beads. bracelets. autumn. crisp morning air. flower arranging. purple. teacups and saucers. christmas cards. ghost whisperer. chloe sevigny. nanette lepore. hex. supernatural. the vampire diaries. the secret circle. sophie kinsella. nora roberts. shopaholic novels. gossip girl books. the notebook.

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