Tricky Tuesday

Over my coffee and crumpet with strawberry rhubarb jam this morning, I thought to myself:

Why bother making plans in advance? Tuesday always has a mind of its own, anyway.

[Above is a confection from the world of a wonderful pastry chef. Why I post this? Because my birthday is next Tuesday...of course!]

LML and I have had a game since we were little...he would call the days of a week by a different theme name...so Monday was, No Money Monday. And Tuesday? Dear, sweet Tuesday?

Terrible Tuesday. Not because he deemed it as such, but because his old partner did.

My Tuesday won't be terrible...I just have to figure out why my car is sick. Make an appointment at Barnes and Noble to speak about my book. Worry about my books- the usual.

I finished a lovely book yesterday called, To Bee or Not to Bee by John Penberthy. I was shocked that for some reason LML picked it out for me to read- see, he thinks I'm a little alien-like when it comes to books...I read them in a day or two and he doesn't see the point of spending the money if I'm not enjoying it.

His words. I COMPLETELY and UTTERLY (don't you love that word??) enjoy reading books quickly...it means that they're so good that I can't put them down!

But this book I took my time with. I won't tell you much, just in case you would like to pick it up...but Buzz the Bee was going through a lot of the same things I go through daily. I completely related.

I want 1000 things- to travel, to see, to learn. To understand why some people you just connect better with than others, to understand the meaning of life, etc. Is that so complicated?

(I also want to learn what the hell is wrong with the people on the show Hoarders? I have such a story to tell y'all about my experience with one...but later. It's too long a post that I guarantee you'll get dizzy with. Have your coffee, tea and treats first! )

LML wants me to celebrate my birthday quitely, BFF wants to go out with everyone. I'm always torn. Any advice?

Yes yes. I know.

That face just says it all, doesn't it? Go out and do whatcha gotta do, Mommy. I'll be here when you get back.

And that's all that matters to me at the end of the day.

Off I go! Until later...


  1. thanks for the comment on my blog.
    sometime i do draw cartoony puppies.

    x caitlin.

  2. cartoony puppies would be just what my book(s) need :)




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