I love cupcakes. Did I ever tell you that? I have a very close relative that makes these heavenly treats, and who's promised to create unique ones for my birthday! Anyone who needs her to cater in the NY area, let me know...

A roaring fire, on a cold winters night= heaven. My puppy will make sure his bottom is near the fire for warmth, while me and LML sip hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. I am still on the hunt for the ultimate hot chocolate recipe...with liquer or without ;)

Gerber daisies. Gardening. Obsession- this is one of my favorite flower photos...I have many!

My obsession list: traveling, stationery, lists, cooking, eating, fine dining, freebies :), the arts, wine, cigars, sweets!, tea, bubble tea, television, shows that are 'real' like married with children, the jeffersons, all in the family, beach days, winter vacations, puppies, kids, bunnies, notebooks, colored pens, painting, drawing, writing, reading, endless hours at barnes and noble, museums, libraries, shopping, Susan Branch, stories of inspirational women, Godiva Chocolates, the smell of books, shopping, creating, organizing, etc.

Today, I want to apply to at least one course which will let me indulge one of my obsessions in a more reasonable manner than shopping. LML has purchased a new wardrobe for me this weekend, so there is no immediate, thirsty need for shopping.

Unless I buy an agenda book ;)

Blessed be!

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