Frustrated Musings

I am not psychic. I do not have the insight into your soul, or anyone else's for that matter.

Sadly, I tend to repeat this to my family members quite often. My Grandmother is still in the hospital, and I was there from 8 am until about 2 yesterday, so that I could go pick up my nephew from school at 3. I have neglected household chores (and cooking).

So this morning, I am barely awake- holding my face in my hands to keep it up when my mother calls to ask me where I am.


Why are you home? Why didn't you go to the hospital?

My faint and fuzzy recollection is, before returning to the confines of my home (I say confines with love), that I called my mother who was at the hospital and she said she would call me back. She never did.

Thus, I am supposed to be psychic.
My Grandmother was doing pretty well up until about the time my mother reached the hospital yesterday. Then she was just frustrated and kept trying to pull out the IV and all these other wires attached to her. It was great. Especially when she threatened to kick me because I told her that she couldn't yank on these things.

She didn't, but still.

You know, when you have one of those days that just feel like a MESS? A hot, stinky, MESS? That's basically the kind of month that I am having.

I had a long talk with the LML (love of my life) yesterday, and I said to him- I don't care where I am as long as I have you...BUT I want to get the hell out of here. I'd love to be in a place (like our weekend escape, or maybe someplace similar) with no worries, no connection to the outside world: just him, me, our pup, and the laptop so I can write. A room with craft stuff so I can create. A place where we can hang all those puzzles we've done and entertain people during the holidays, where we can go do activities.

It's going to happen, LML assures me. I know it is. When? I want to travel, not because I am not happy (maybe I'm not sometimes), but I want to WITH HIM to come up with inspirations and stories and memories that only we would have.

Yes, it will happen one day. But I'm not very patient. Obviously.

2 inspirational books that I should pick up and re-read, if just for today?

Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love
Patricia Volonakis Davis' Harlot's Sauce


  1. I was once told by someone very wise : "of course they know how to push your buttons, they installed them."
    Situations like that always make me think of that.

  2. that's completely true...a lot of other buttons she installed don't work, so i guess that was her best bet. grrr...

    though your words were soothing, i gotta say :)



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