rachel zoe

i just finished this book, and i couldn't put it down!

rachel zoe is just awesome, i love her.

as a once-travel blogger (which is what i will go back to once chemo is over!) i had to share this excerpt from her book:

Holiday Pack List for Hot Weather:

"bikinis, cute bras, and boy shorts to wear under sheer dresses (and that can double as swimwear when the moment arises); tunics, caftans, and sundresses that can serve as dresses or tops. A fabulous belt can turn a sarong into a dress, so pack one that sits on the waist, in leather or raffia, or a color woven or gold chain.
Anything in lighter, brighter colors, and definitely white, is appropriate, and leave most of the black and any items that require dry cleaning at home. leave the pumps behind, too. this is one of the few times I'll pack flip flops, and a sandal of any kind is requisite. Also, great are espadrilles and open toe wedges. Clothes might be minimal, but not accessories. Stockpile hoops, anything ethnic, and bangles (island cheapies are such a great addition). And layer yellow gold on top of a St. Tropez tan for a look that is always uberfabulous."

more to come!

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