the future of my hair

So that's me, during chemo #10. Yep- hair's trying real hard to cover that head of mine.

It's crazy the amount of things I have to do before chemo is acutally over so I can feel as if I finally have some semblance of freedom.

The to do list keeps growing, and the weather is FINALLY getting so much more friendly that the last thing I want to do is get stuck being fatigued at home.

Today, with the amount of crazy paperwork I had to do, it only made me want to do everything else and I can't help but feeling the teeniest bit of overwhelmed.

What does one do when they're overwhelmed? Well, I'm sure they look at photos of possible future hairstyles, like these!!
 Alice from Twilight- I know it'll take me a few months to get here- like 6 months.
 at least 5 months to get to this hairstyle- i'm so excited! isn't alyssa milano beautiful??

 I think Halle Berry's hair is about the same length as the first photo I posted, so it'll be another 5-7 months.
 This photo? I'll have this hair in hopefully a YEAR from now. Sigh.
 Can't wait to do this ^ with my hair!!!

So these last two photos are what I'm going to be working with soon. Things are about to get interesting.
(most photos from google images)

Happy Monday!!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine
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