What's in my Bag?

when i started my hodgkin's lymphoma "adventure"
my bed was overridden by medications that 
i really don't enjoy taking. 
isn't chemotherapy bad enough?

so now i'm completely thrilled
that those days are gone, gone gone...
and i figure I can post what's in my bag, finally!

faux fur cavalcanti bag...

pink (of course) coach wallet...
(I can't tell you what's in there. no. sorry!)

my pochacco by sanrio notepad
(every writer needs a notepad in her bag for jotting down to-do list items and last minute book ideas. that, and it's way more shoulder- friendly than my HUGE leather Perry Ellis Portfolio)

lilly pulitzer makeup bag
(love love love)


hand sanitizer from whole foods

hand lotion given to me by my mama
(and highly necessary for this season- my hands get so dry!!)

altoid mini's (necessary, especially after chemo!)

a lucky $1 origami swan
given to me by my bestie!!

note: i have a makeup obsession. i do. but i refuse to wear much of anything until after chemo's over and my eyebrows and eyelashes grow back.

not that they fell off completely, but thinking about that whole ordeal had been one of the worst parts
 of this experience for me.

so, on to bigger and better!

what's in your bag??

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

also, note: this bag's contents are day to day and have nothing to do with travel, events, or hospital runs. though those will be posted soon.

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