september madness

i have a confession to make:

i seriously, without a doubt, love september. So many reasons why float around my already cluttered brain:

  • the weather
  • autumn decor
  • crunch leaves under my boots
  • punkins' (i am aware of misspelling)
  • sunsets
  • the harvest
  • sunflowers
  • apple cider
  • pumpkin everything
  • plans with great friends
  • autumn autumn!
  • the peanuts gang
  • back to school (notebooks! pens! yay!)
  • back to baking
  • and the biggie- my BIRTHDAY!
It's my birthday month. Actually, in a timeline? I started going out with my hubby (again) in September, a lot of friends birthdays in September, we adopted our puppy in September- it's just a month where change is accepted and can't really be complained about. 

I LOVE SEPTEMBER! Here's more reasons why:
preparing for my book launch! 
(quite obviously this is not me, this is a screen still from The Mummy: Curse of the Dragon Emperor. Ultimate Inspiration. Property of the above (the mummy movies!) )

Sleeping in with a huge comfy comforter, and a small comfy dog. He wears shirts in the autumn. Yep. Shot by my loving husband. Geez.

Love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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