oh, harvey

to start, i would like to say how amazing my friends are.
old and new have given me so many smiles, laughs, hugs and more that i am truly thankful
for each and every one of them.

over the summer, some of us trekked on over to the roundabout theater
in manhattan
to watch Harvey.

so my first reaction?
Sheldon, sheldon, omg!!

(Side note: I love TBBT. I love Sheldon. I wish I could have hugged him because i do think he is so awesome and he makes me quite happy)

the show was

i was actually busting a gut laughing in the audience
and was happy that
i didn't research the story line itself.

if you can see the show-
see the preview with James Stewart-
watch The Big Bang Theory.


and i will truly never forget it!

the globetrotting gamine

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